Food Packing Solutions

We provide a high quality of Food Packing Solutions that are known for its purity. Our Food Packing Solutions are found in leading prices in the market. These Solutions are made of stainless steel. Our Food Pack Solutions have some unique features that are described in detail below:

Cling Wrapping Machines

Mini Spenser is the very easy to use manual dispenser for Cling film. Extremely operational and easy to use, it is perfect to pack food products. These cling wrapping machines are made of stainless steel, easy to clean and to operate. The hot plate temperature can be easily regulated. It is CE approved. 

Technical Features :
  • Power supply V 220
  • Power max kW 0,29
  • Machine dimensions mm 540x600x130
  • Machine weight (Net/Gross) kg 7

Automatic Cling Wrapping Machines

Mini stretch is a compact automatic cling wrapping machine (only 700x730 h515mm / 27. 56x28. 74x20. 27 in) perfect for :
  • retailers, supermarkets, warehouse/club, convenience stores, cash & carry, butcher shops, delicatessens, health food shops, specialty food stores, fast food, bar, pub;
  • restaurants, in-flight caterers, hospitals, hotels, stadiums, nursing homes, military bases;
  • meat processors, seafood processors, dried fruits, produce suppliers, dairy, commissaries, sandwich producer, large scale kitchens, pasta and sausage factories, farms.
features :
  • frame and components made of stainless steel and antioxidant materials, hygienic and easy to clean
  • pmma transparent head cover
  • abs washable body
  • anti-over current device
  • tray elevator (only on the standard easy version)
  • double magnets for closing and security
  • adjustable hot wire film cutter
  • sealing plate temperature adjustment
  • film reduction for small products
  • mechanical system of security for operator and product
  • easy reset with reset push button
  • device of exclusion of film pretension for big trays
  • optimization of the film quantity
  • easy user interface modality
  • digital display with 3 numbers
  • three customizable programs
  • counter pieces & countdown
we are leading manufacturer and exporter of cling wrapping machines, automatic cling wrapping machines and wrapping machines. 

Vacuum Packaging Machines

The external vacuum packaging machines work with specific bags (channel or three layer bags) or with specific rigid boxes. All the vacuum packaging machines are built in Stainless Steel, have small dimensions and are user friendly. These vacuum packaging machines are equipped with a sealing bar and can work either in manual or, on some models, in automatic cycle simply setting the vacuum and the sealing time. These vacuum packaging machines are widely used in restoration, catering and domestic field. 

Technical Features :
  • Power supply V 220
  • Power max kW 0,24
  • Sealing bars dimensions mm 335
  • Machine dimensions mm 355x300x145
  • Machine weight (Net/Gross) kg 7,5

Fully Automatic Cling Wrapping Machine

The patented Elixa technology represents a perfect synthesis of electromechanics, polymeric science, continuous attention to customers’ needs and a strong environmental awareness.

The Elixa series machines are completely automatic: they electronically read the trays and product dimensions as soon as the product lays on the machine in-feed, the, and by a specific software  they choose the best wrapping program. The machine parameters  are immediately arranged to the choice, giving back the product perfectly wrapped to the operator.

Another Elix peculiar feature is the 4-direction film stretching, a patented system which makes the machine unique in the world. Such characteristic allows the operator to wrap all trays utilizing only one film reel width, having remarkable advantages for managing and cost savings, together with a considerable environmental impact return that one may have from a material saving reaching up to 40%.

This  technology offers the best benefits to those who want to pack products with variable sizes and is looking for maximum flexibility at the same time.

Main features and strength points

Ø  Productivity from 14 to 35 packs/minute.

Ø  Wrapping with or without tray.

Ø  Used in butchery, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetable and delicatessen departments of the GDO.

Ø  Appreciated for its specific reliability and efficiency characteristics even in small packing centers.

Ø  Utmost film saving in synergy with stretch films.

Available models

  1. Elixa Easy
  2. Elixa Plus XS
  3. Elixa Plus XR
  4. Elixa Mega
  5. Elixa Max
  6. Elixa XP
  7. Elixa ZX