Shrink Wrapping Machines

The vast collection of shrink wrapping machines offered by us includes a sturdy and dimensionally accurate collection of shrink wrapping machines that is sure to meet the diverse requirements of several industries. Our shrink wrapping machines are received high acclaim among our clientele owing to its high performance and minimal maintenance.

Shrink Chamber Machines

Shrink chamber machines is a 2 in 1 model machine in which sealing of the shrink film and shrinking takes place in a single operation. The film used in shrink chamber machines is POF (poly olefin) film or any thin shrinkable film, in folded form. Features of the machine are Minimum power consumption, works on 1 phase / 3phase power supply, minimum working area, one-man operation, visual observation of shrinking operation.

L Sealer with Shrink Tunnel

L sealer is basic sealing machine to wrap and seal the product to be shrink wrapped with shrink film which is in folded roll form. The product to be wrapped in inserted into the shrink film and sealer in the L seal area. Sealing types available are manual hand operated / pneumatically operated type. After sealing, the product is moved into shrink tunnel for shrinking. Auto take off option is available in L Sealer. Custom made L Sealer for Long product is also available.

Auto Collating Wrapping & Shrink Tunnel

Auto packers are fully automatic shrink wrappers which are highly versatile and can be used to pack various products. The system automatically collates the products in desired range of pack collations. The sealing system in the machine is pneumatic one, motorized unwinding and winding system, PLC controlled operations. These machines can be connected to suitable shrink tunnels depending on the dimensions and speeds required.